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Winter 2020/2021 memberships registration

Date 2020 Nov 30 - 2021 Mar 10 Ical

KCKC winter membership 2020/2021: 


Beginning of the winter training: Nov 30, 2020

End of the winter training: March 10, 2021


Cost (based on indicated in the google sheet):

Full time with unlimited Acceleration access (Acceleration pass already purchased): Spencer Robinson, Abigail Donaldson, Liam Grover, Quintin Neuls, Jonas Decker: $600

Full time with Acceleration Monday sessions: Mischa Grover, Matt House: $710

Half time with Acceleration Monday sessions: Nate Nelus, James Twemlow, Douglas Hunter, Harris Hunter, Damian Hickey, Corben Hickey, Juliet Twemlow, Leilani Vanderydt: $410

Half time with No Acceleration: John Grover, Neve Carmichael: $300


There is a possibility of opening 2 early morning swimming sessions from January 2021, in case the swimming pool is ready and COVID-19 restrictions will allow us to do so. The swimming sessions will be subject to additional cost. 

The XC skiing pass is not included in the cost of membership and it is subject to individual purchase as instructed already. 


Payment methods: 

1. Full payment made by Credit Card between November 22 - November 30, 2020

2. Full payment made by E-tranfer between November 22 - November 30, 2020 (transfer shall be made to our treasurer: [email protected])

3. Cheques: 2 post dated cheques - first made for December 1, 2020, second made for January 15, 2020

PLEASE HAND OUT CHEQUES TO STAN DURING THE WEEK OF November 30 - December 5, 2020. Late/Failure to meet payment deadline of winter membership will result with NOT PARTICIPATING in Winter Program.

All participants MUST register in the Sportical, no matter which way of payment is being chosen. 



Contact Stan Marek
Type Club Program - Long Term
Category Sprint Paddling
Deadline February 05, 2021 23:00