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Spring camp 2022 Osoyoos - 1st installment

Date 2022 Mar 20-Apr 02 Ical
Location Osoyoos
As long as the number of kids remains the same, the TOTAL amount of expenses is as follows: 
1. Leilani Vanderydt, James Twemlow, Harris Hunter - $647
2. Miyana Fenrich, Matt House, Josh Reid - $294
3. Damian Hickey, Corben Hickey, Nate Neuls - $441
As previously announced, 50% of total amount is payable in the middle of January - which is now. 
Make sure you pay your first installment on January 20th at the very latest. Late payment will become subject to a $50/person late fee charge - same as Canoe Kayak BC late fee charge procedure. 
As previously announced - the second installment will be payable 3 weeks prior to the scheduled beginning of the camp. 
For those eligible for $115 funding from the bottle drive - this amount will be deducted from your second installment. 
Contact Stan Marek
Type Athlete Training Camp
This is a Kamloops Canoe & Kayak Club sanctioned event
Category Sprint Paddling
Deadline January 20, 2022 23:55