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Winter 2022/2023 competitive membership fee

Date 2022 Nov 07 - 2023 Mar 10 Ical


The membership fee has been calculated based on commitment towards full time/part time participation and shared portion of rental facilities. 

The individual memberships are as follows: 


Nate Neuls: part time: $614

Douglas Hunter: part time: $443

Harris Hunter: full time: $1244

Damian Hickey: full time: $1244

Mischa Grover: full time: $1244

Liam Grover: part time: $552

Matt House: part time: $581

Josh Reid: part time: $614

Leilani Vanderydt: full time: $1244

John Grover: rental portion: $106

Deacon Pisio: drop in basis - 1st year participant


The payment is pre set up for each athlete individually. 

Contact [email protected]
Type Participation
Deadline November 14, 2022 23:00